Monday, May 5, 2014

Simple way to train "Whoa." No eCollars, barrels, suitcase handles, tables, posts, etc. - Dog Training Video

This is how I teach Whoa. It will vary from dog to dog and down the road I may strap an eCollar on the dog if it's needed or, while teaching Whoa, I may wrap the check cord around the flank (suitcase handle) if the dog calls for it, but this is typically how it's done. Often times I will use a metal prong collar, but Moxy is a pleasure to train and doesn't require one. Just a rope, folks!

Just an FYI, I did bring Cinna out to do a session with her, but she's not quite the joy to train as Moxy is. She started to get ornery so I had to put the camera down and focus on her so no video for Cinna just yet.

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