Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Going Back to Cali...Duck Hunting - Los Banos California - Video

Duck Hunting in California 2011
Santa Cruz Duck Club
Los Banos

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Delmar Smith: World's Coolest Man

By Chad Love

Last year at about this time I wrote a Field Notes blog post on the coolest man in the world. I had no plans to make it an annual award, but that was before I finally got the chance to meet legendary dog trainer Delmar Smith at the Pheasants Forever Pheasant Fest and Quail Classic this past weekend.

I sat in on a lot of cool seminars, met a lot of cool people, saw a lot of cool dogs, and discovered a few cool new products (all of which I'll write about in future blogs), but for sheer, unadulterated cool, nothing could top listening to and meeting the undisputed dean of American bird dog trainers.

How cool is Delmar Smith? Chuck Norris showed up at one of his seminars, and Delmar had him force-broke and steady to shot by the end of the day. He's so cool the folks at NPR ask him to be on their game shows (No really, they did. Listen to the podcast. It's a gem. Delmar absolutely kills it...)
The man is just plain cool, and, at 86, is folksier, wiser, and wittier than just about anyone else out there, at any age. Here's what the late, great Field & Stream gun dogs editor Bill Tarrant had to say about Smith in the introduction to their book Best Way To Train Your Gundog: The Delmar Smith Method: "Delmar Smith's the most distinctive man I ever met. I'd know his hide if it were hanging in a tanning yard. He belongs to neither this second nor this speck of universe. Like truth, he's a simple, eternal force."

I got the chance to ask Delmar a few quick questions in a break between his seminar schedule, and it was a special treat to get a few minutes in the presence of legend.

Out of all the dogs you've owned, trained and competed with, is there one that stands out above all the others?

"I've got to say there really isn't one dog that I can point to. There are going be some dogs that just seem to have something others don't, find birds where others can't, dogs that just seem to make birds, but I've had so many great dogs over the years that I can't pick a favorite. It's like asking me to pick my favorite kid. I don’t have one. I love 'em all equally."

You still live in Edmond, Oklahoma, and even though that area has grown up around you, do you ever get the chance to get out and go quail hunting? 

Read the rest of the Field and Stream article

Sunday, July 28, 2013

South Dakota Early Goose 2012...60 Geese! - Video

Late August NE SoDak Goose Hunt...4 Man Limit of 60 Geese

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South Dakota Spring Snow Goose Hunting 2013 "The Loners" - Video

Guided Spring Snow Goose hunts in South Dakota with Four Flyways Outfitters. This footage was from one of our afternoon hunts that provided steady action on loners and small flocks of snows and blues.

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2012 Spring Snow Goose Hunting - Four Flyways Outfitters - Video

Glimpse into our guided Spring Snow Goose hunts in South Dakota. Four Flyways Outfitters provided excellent guided hunts Snow Geese and other waterfowl in the fall. Obviously we are not professional videographers, just wanted to share a short video.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

south dakota goose hunting - Video

Action packed SD hunt with huge limits and lots of birds!!!

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South Dakota Snow Goose 2013 - Video

March 25 the Outdoor Addiction Crew packed up and headed over to hunt South Dakota for Snow Geese the 26th and 27th. The first morning it was really cold and didnt have much wind so it started off slow, check the video out to see our luck turn around.

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outdoorsweekly presents goose hunting in south dakota early goose - Video

SD early goose hunting by Hunting in South Dakota for geese with Jarrod Fredericks. Using Dave Smith goose decoys. Filming and editing done by Chris Lucas.

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South Dakota Canadian Goose Hunt - Pierre, South Dakota - Video

Steffen Bros. Ranch - Pierre, South Dakota

It's a late season Goose hunt out of Pierre, S.D. with Steffen Brothers Outdoor Expeditions. Cold weather and wind won't stop guide Larry Steffen, Larry Myhre, Sioux City, IA, Tom Mitchell, KELO-FM Radio, Sioux Falls and Host Gary Howey, Hartington, NE.

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Goose Hunting in SD - Ultimate Outdoor Productions - Video

Goose hunting with Eric Dykes and friends. Filmed by Foster Bartholow with Ultimate Outdoor Productions.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pigeon Hunting; Soar No More TV Episode 3 - Video

Come along with the Soar No More crew on an action packed pigeon hunt. This video will make you feel like you are sitting in the blind right next to them. Watch the constant action they have as the pigeons decoy right in for 2 hours straight!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dove Hunt with Mojo and Soar No More Decoys - Video

The Soar No More crew uses Mojo dove decoys and the Mojo tree, along with Soar No More pigeon decoys for the 2010 dove season opener. The birds cooperate and decoy beautifully, and seven hunters reach their bag limit.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Goose Hunt ND (Early Season) 75 birds - Video

This past year in ND, there was an increase in the Canada Goose limit (Early Season) which allowed hunters to harvest 15 birds per person. This early season is a managment implication increasing the harvest on the record number of local Canada Geese, which also allows for awesome film!!! Fortunate enough to harvest 75 geese!

We did acquire 6 bands as well making this a very memorable hunt! (Didn't realize we had the 6th band until after we lined them up for pictures).

Hope you enjoy! Maybe comment.....maybe subscribe.....maybe something...

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2011 North Dakota Duck and Goose Hunting - Video

This is our duck and goose hunting footage from 2011 in North Dakota. We also guide for Bison Ranch Outfitters so if you're interested in hunts like these visit their website or email me at!

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North Dakota Late Season Goose Hunt 2012 - Video

A late season honker hunt with good friends near Lake Sakakawea in North Dakota. One of my favorite things to do in the fall of the year, after the smaller sloughs and lakes freeze up and the geese start to gather on Sakakawea and the Missouri River.

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Fall Goose Hunting - Lake of the Woods Minnesota - Video

Fall Goose Hunting in Lake of the Woods County in September and October is something to put on your bucket list. Come join in on all the fun with the Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman and Friends.

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SD Snow Goose Hunting: "Luck of the Irish" - Video

The luck of the Irish was with the White Rock Decoys team on this South Dakota snow goose hunt on Saint Patricks Day 2012 (March 17th).

The weather ranged from foggy and overcast, to hot, sunny, and windy. We were able to put down a lot of juvy snow geese on this great hunt in some crazy conditions. Great friends, good times!

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Snow Goose hunting in Saskatchewan with Tiger Hills Outfitting - Video

Saskatchewan snow goose hunting

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Mora Minnesota Goose Hunt - Video

A successful goose hunt in Mora, Minnesota. I used a Beretta A390 3" Chamber, Improved Choke.(12 Gauge) Last week of duck and goose season for MN.

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Minnesota Goose Hunting Episode 4 - Video

Our last hunt for the Minnesota Early Goose Season. Great way to end the season by puttin 18 birds on the ground!

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Dakota Skies Benidji MN Goose Hunt - Video

Got an invite to film a goose hunt near Bemidji, MN. We could only kill 6 birds, but the birds worked beautifully all morning long. Even some ducks to boot

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Minnesota Goose Hunting Episode 1 - Video

September MN Goose Hunt

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MI Blizzard Goose hunt with Big Sean - Video

MI Blizzard Goose hunt with Big Sean - Video

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Minnesota Honkers Dec 2012 with Big Sean Hammock - Goose Hunt Video

This hunt is played out with no music or dramatic editing. Watch the hunt as it played out for Big Sean and his crew. What you see is exactly what we saw and experienced that morning. Trying to kill the first few bunches of birds in so we could get out of there asap. Even if the birds weren't finishing perfect, we were coming up to kill them. Big Sean was trying to save the field and not educate all the birds in the area. By doing this, we were able to hunt the field again with great success because we didn't bang away at big bunches or sit out there all day long. To see more tips and tactics, check out our School of Waterfowl III DVD coming this summer at

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MN Early Season Goose Hunt 2012 with Big Sean Hammock - Video

Early season honker hunt in Minnesota with lots of new Molt Migrators coming down. New birds mixed in with local birds that have been pounded since opening day. Whenever new birds come in, the hunt usually turns out according to plan. Large numbers of geese finishing into the unique decoy spread and a good hunter hide. Putting in hard work during the off season pays off! Land management is very important for successful hunts, even in the waterfowl world. For complete hunt and tips, check out our School of Waterfowl III DVD at

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oregon Cacklers Goose Hunt with Team Deadfowl - Video

The phrase "decoying geese" is taken to the extreme on this hunt. Watch as Team Deadfowl literally finish thousands of geese within feet of their blinds. Hundreds of cackling Canada geese come to this field knowing its a safe place to rest. Little do they know, it can also be the last place they rest. Large flocks, great shooting, awesome camera angles, and an Oregon landscape make this hunt fun to watch. Look very closely for leg bands and a yellow neck collar on one of the geese sitting in the decoys during the middle of the hunt! To see more of Team Deadfowl, check out the new DVD coming this summer to Team Deadfowl contributes several hunts to the School of Waterfowl III. Also you can check out Team Deadfowl on Facebook @

WA Honkers Goose Hunt with Team Deadfowl - Video

Join Riley and his Team for an incredible honker hunt in Eastern WA state. The roads were covered in snow and the overnight travel was a nightmare for the crew. But, persistence pays off and the boys had a great hunt! Finishing large flocks of Giant Canada geese into the decoys is the name of the game. Beautiful background scenery with Mountains and snow covered pines as far as the eye can see. To see more hunts and tips from Team Deadfowl, check out the School of Waterfowl III DVD coming this summer to Also you can check out Team Deadfowl on Facebook @

Indiana BIG water honker goose hunt with Stumblin' Drake - Video

This is a fun little water hunt with the guys of Stumblin' Drake filming team. Join Nick and the boys on a perfect situation water hunt done with perfection. Letting the birds leave on their own to go feed is VERY important! And on this day, the weather cooperated and the birds were hungry for some midwest corn. With mild temps and light snow fall, the geese became very active. After the birds left the roost it was time to set up quickly and get ready for a speedy return. The boys shot the first few singles, pairs, and small flocks that came in to the spread. After a quick hunt with a limit of 2 birds each, the crew packed up and got out fast. Making this the perfect scenario to let the birds come back to rest with no pressure from hunters. Hunting smart is how we do it around here!

MN Honkers Goose Hunt with Big Sean Hammock and Minn Vikings #57 Audie Cole - Video

Mid Season goose hunt in Minn with NFL football player Audie Cole. Audie is a rookie for the Minn Vikings and he loves to kill stuff! On the hunt we are running traffic, trying to pull birds from one end of a long field to the end we are set up on. Lots of calling, flagging, and a big number of decoys to attract the birds. We couldnt hunt the "X" end of the field because of houses and building too close to shoot by. So we went to the other end and pulled them to us. A hunter has to do whatever he can to put the birds in the decoys the correct and safe way. To see the full hunt and tips, check out the School of Waterfowl III DVD coming this summer at

MN Fenceline Goose Hunt with Big Sean Hammock - Video

MN goose hunt late season. Good footage of birds in decoys and close kills. Big Sean and his Team finish birds and do things the right way. Large number of decoys, using the fence line for cover, and picking the right place in the field is what made this hunt successful.

Western MN Goose Hunt - Big Sean - Video

Big Sean's Outfitting, DVD hunt, School of Waterfowl. Average hunt to stay relevant to the regular Midwestern Waterfowler. 5 man limit. Leg band. Birds in the decoys. Average Joes

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Prairie Sportsman: Pheasant hunt in South Dakota - Video

Hunting in South Dakota with professional walleye fisherman Ted Takasaki and outdoor writer Chris Niskanen. Our headquarters for this outdoor adventure is the Prairie Pillow Sportsmen's Lodge near Selby, SD operated by Angie Marin.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

MN Afternoon Goose hunt with Big Sean - Canadian Geese - Video

Minnesota Canada Goose hunt with Big Sean Hammock and his Team. Birds landing in the decoys, thousands of geese within 30 yards, Awesome hunt for educated MN honkers.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pigeon Shooting Secrets Revealed Volume 1

Pigeon Shooting Secrets Revealed from Chris Green on Vimeo.

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Pigeon Shooting Secrets Revealed Volume 2

Pigeon Shooting Secrets Revealed Volume 2 from Chris Green on Vimeo.

He's done it again! Chris Green 'The Cornish Countryman' has filmed and produced yet another outstanding film for all keen Pigeon shooters.

Chris Green has been a hunter gatherer for over 40 years and he properly knows his stuff!
This epic 2 hour DVD has been professionally produced and is packed with action, instruction and entertainment and has been created to improve your sport!

In his quest to help you become an Advanced Pigeon Shooter, Chris puts all the secrets and skills we learnt from Volume One into practise. Plus the added bonus of even cleverer tricks of the trade and yet more tactics to further the Advanced Pigeon Decoyers' Art.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pigeon Hunting - UK - Video

It's been some time since I have been out hunting with the side by side shotgun. I decided to do some wild camping and spent some time hunting pigeons over a few properties I enjoy shooting on.
The choppy winds helped mask my moment and drag the noise of the gun downwind as I made my way up wind across the coastal stretch.

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