Thursday, November 21, 2013

Goose Hunting MHF Outdoors Late Season - IA - Video

Late season IA honker hunt. December hunting after a huge snow storm. Lots of dark geese pushed into our area. 

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Shooting Show - pheasant in the borders, British Shooting Show - Pheasant Hunt - Video

Byron's back in the borders with Steve Gray at the Branxholm pheasant shoot. Owned and operated by a syndicate, it's on one of its last days of the season and the guns have come from all corners. The shooting is precise and the feathers are flying as we capture two days' worth of game shooting action on camera.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Shooting Show -- pigeon decoying in Essex - Pigeon Hunt - Video

In a decoying special, Essex gamekeeper Geoff Garrod sets up the deeks and the hide overlooking a pea crop, which the local pigeon population has taken to marauding. All's set for a day of fast shooting and feathers flying -- but the unseasonal snow has hardly helped matters. Decoying amid a carpet of the white stuff is hardly ideal conditions, but Geoff and his Browning A5 auto are up to the challenge. This is one you won't want to miss.

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North Dakota goose hunting with hang loose outdoors - Video

Early season goose hunting 2013 with hang loose outdoors pro staffers Ben Olson and Colt Anderson.

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Glendale FWA Pheasant Hunt - Video

Our 2 day hunt at the 2012 Glendale Fish & Wildlife Area put-n-take pheasant hunt in southern Indiana. If was some tough going and poor shooting, but on day 1 we took 11 of 16 birds and on day 2 we brought down 13 of 16 birds.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Late Season South Dakota Pheasant Hunting - Video

A short video of some late season pheasant hunting in Redfield South Dakota.

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How to make Goose Bologna and Jerky Recipe - Video

Canada Geese Bologna and Jerky Recipe 2012. All Ingredients are in video.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Iowa Pheasant Hunt - Video - Bird Dogs Afield

Bird Dogs Afield host, Paul Fuller, visits his friend Steve Ries for an old fashioned Iowa pheasant hunt over Steve's German shorthaired pointers.

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WA Goose Hunt - The Northwest Outdoorsmen Episode 4 2013 - Video

Goose hunt starts at 7:47

The Northwest is a wing shooters paradise, with a great variety of game birds and generous hunting seasons. Mike Harrod starts off this episode in central Washington hunting September doves and later, he and his son Dax look to fool early season geese in eastern Washington. Finally, Michele Harrod experiences her first out of state hunt for turkeys in northeast Oregon. The action is non-stop!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

MN Fenceline Goose Hunt with Big Sean Hammock - Video

MN goose hunt late season. Good footage of birds in decoys and close kills. Big Sean and his Team finish birds and do things the right way. Large number of decoys, using the fence line for cover, and picking the right place in the field is what made this hunt successful.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Indiana BIG water honker goose hunt with Stumblin' Drake - Video

This is a fun little water hunt with the guys of Stumblin' Drake filming team. Join Nick and the boys on a perfect situation water hunt done with perfection. Letting the birds leave on their own to go feed is VERY important! And on this day, the weather cooperated and the birds were hungry for some midwest corn. With mild temps and light snow fall, the geese became very active. After the birds left the roost it was time to set up quickly and get ready for a speedy return. The boys shot the first few singles, pairs, and small flocks that came in to the spread. After a quick hunt with a limit of 2 birds each, the crew packed up and got out fast. Making this the perfect scenario to let the birds come back to rest with no pressure from hunters. Hunting smart is how we do it around here!

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Waterfowl Decoy Tips and Tactics - Video

Join Kentucky Outdoors the Magazine Field editor and Avery Outdoors Pro Staffer Darrin Day as he discusses decoy tips and tactics!

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