Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Plentiful Pigeon Shooting with Geoff Garrod and CLA news special - Pigeon Shooting Video

Our cameras follow celebrity gamekeeper Geoff Garrod as he takes Eley Hawk's finest, Tomas Atienza, out after pigeons. Geoff is a seasoned pigeon shooter and has plenty of wisdom to share with Tomas. There are lessons to be learned from the initial set-up and decoying right through to taking the shot and picking up, but will the British weather make all Tomas' new found knowledge purely theoretical, or can they dodge the showers to rack up a sizable tally of pigeons?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pigeon Shooting - an introduction - Pigeon Shooting Hunting Video

Pigeon shooting expert Will Garfit introduces the art of shooting over decoys. The woodpigeon is the UK's number one agricultural pest and causes millions of pounds of damage to agricultural crops every year.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hunting wood pigeons over decoys - Pigeon Shooting Hunting Video

Realtree Global Hunting joins Team Wild's very own Steve "Wildy" Wild and Big Steve with SPD Pest Control to take care of some pesky wood pigeons in the countryside of Derbyshire. These fowl have a habit of destroying crops and costing farmers thousands of pounds in damages each year, but our boys are back and taking care of the problem one shot at a time. Tune in to see how many of the birds the pair can bag and what techniques they utilise to lure them in and take them down.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Simple way to train "Whoa." No eCollars, barrels, suitcase handles, tables, posts, etc. - Dog Training Video

This is how I teach Whoa. It will vary from dog to dog and down the road I may strap an eCollar on the dog if it's needed or, while teaching Whoa, I may wrap the check cord around the flank (suitcase handle) if the dog calls for it, but this is typically how it's done. Often times I will use a metal prong collar, but Moxy is a pleasure to train and doesn't require one. Just a rope, folks!

Just an FYI, I did bring Cinna out to do a session with her, but she's not quite the joy to train as Moxy is. She started to get ornery so I had to put the camera down and focus on her so no video for Cinna just yet.