Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sporting Scene - Sporting Pigeon Shooting Introduction - Video Pigeon shooting continues to grow in popularity as more and more sporting shooters realise the supreme tests of field craft and marksmanship that the bird can offer. This programme gives a comprehensive overview of the equipment and tactics that will give you the best chance of success in the range of situations that the sport can present. For newcomers to the sport, as well as those shooters looking for hints and tips that will give them an edge in field, this programme will be an invaluable reference to come back to time and time again.
Peter Theobald is a renowned pigeon shooter with 30 years + experience of pitting his wits against this most exciting quarry. A farmer based in Essex required reading for pigeon shooters while his monthly pigeon shooting articles for Sporting gun put him at the centre of the issues affecting the sport.
The wood pigeon provides some of the most exciting and sporting shooting there is. As a truly wild quarry it is the shooters sole responsibility to give the bird and the sport the respect it deserves to safeguard tomorrows shooting.

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